Eye Exercises: How your Children can Avoid Eye Strains


Although they are young and almost stress-free, children also get their eyes tired and strained. Reading all the books for school reports, staying in front of the computer for hours, and watching numerous television programs can make your child’s eyes abused and stressed out. To avoid further eye and sight problems, teach your child some exercises that may be equal to half the rest he gets while he sleeps.

The three-minute break for the eyes involves getting up from his seat in front of the computer and walking around a bit to rest the eyes. He can also stare at greeneries for three minutes. The color green, according to doctors, have a calming effect on tired eyes.

Another exercise he can do is to close his eyes and roll the eyeballs around. Then, with his eyes still closed, he should look right and hold the position for five seconds, and then he should look left, holding the position for another five seconds.

Another exercise he can perform is the eyes shut exercise. All he has to do is to close his eyes as tight as possible, holding this position for three to five seconds. This exercise should be done repeatedly for five times.

If your child works at night, tell him to shut down the light for a minute to rest his eyes. If he works in front of the computer, he should decrease the level of brightness so as not put on too much strain in his eyes. During the day, advise him to cover his eyes with his palm or a piece of cloth to rest it from the light.

It is also a good exercise for your child’s eyes to follow straight lines, real or imaginary. This could be done by moving the eyes from the ceiling towards the floor or from a wall on his left towards a wall on his right. He can also picture a square and let his eyes follow the diagonal line created from point to point.

Do not let your child’s eyes get damaged, especially while still young. Teach him the importance of exercising and resting them to avoid further complications as he grows old.