How to Minimize Caffeine Intake


It is a fact that too much caffeine is bad for the health.


Thus, if you are a coffee addict, you should ask yourself, what should I do about it?


The answer is easy. Eliminate your caffeine intake. Ooops! Better said than done, right? Caffeine intake is habit forming, And mind you, it does provide some kind of benefits such as helping you stay awake and making you feel more energetic


So how can you still enjoy the benefits of caffeine without taking too much of it? Here are some possible solutions:


  1. Take a brisk, 10-minute walk around the block to liven up your blood. The fresh air and the action can wake you up and calm your senses at the same time.


  1. Eat regularly and healthily to avoid feeling tired and draggy. Do not eat too much. Eating very large meals can make you feel sleepy, thus making you feel the need to reach for caffeine-infused drink or food.


  1. If you feel sleepy during the day, do some exercise or yoga. Be active throughout the day.


  1. Use substitutes. Drink herbal tea, hot or cider or decaffeinated coffee for caffeinated drinks instead.


  1. Stop smoking. Most people associate the need for coffee or other sources of caffeine with smoking.


  1. Ask the people around you, especially in your house to minimize caffeine intake. Seeing lesser people taking caffeine will get you become less tempted to get one too.


  1. Have to stay awake up to late at night? Grab an apple; same effect but healthier.


  1. Avoid stacking beverages containing caffeine in your house. When caffeine is out of reach, it is easier to control yourself and say no. Whereas if caffeine drinks is readily available at your house. The level of temptation is higher.


If you are overly dependent on caffeine, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back. You may experience fatigue, headaches, craving, tiredness and feeling of lethargy, and confusion and inability to focus. It may also cause a dramatic drop in your blood pressure, muscle cramps, drowsiness and excessive sleeping.


Remember, therefore, to do it slowly. Do not stop abruptly, because it will only increase the withdrawal symptoms. You get used to taking caffeine slowly. You can take it out of your system only by doing it slowly too. Monitor your progress. Keep a logbook of your caffeine intake to see how well you are doing and if you are able to stick to your plan.